Perfect Traffic Storm
Has Been Terminated!

Dear visitor / member of Perfect Traffic Storm, I'm sorry to announce the end of PTS.

After a vulnerability in the script corrupted the data and since the script was deemed obsolete by three separate programmer, I had no choice but to close the website.

When I bought the site in august 2012 I had big plans to make it popular again, unfortunately there was no support for the script and a few users exploited those exploits to inject adult traffic to other members sites causing many complaints.

Now, I have other projects in the pipeline and since some of you were paid customers I decided to offer free access to my new membership site that will open in a couple weeks. It has loads of how-to videos on how to setup wordpress as well as how to use Youtube and a lot more.

Since I don't have the active user list I need you to get on my list so I can contact you and let you know the launch date as well as domain name etc, that's why this message is posted here.

This site will become a blog with free tips and tricks to make money online as well as case studies and reviews.


Thanks for your time,

Patrick Forest